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On July 11, in the framework of the Golden Apricot International

Film Festival a panel discussion took place at the AGBU Armenia

dedicated to the Creative Europe's MEDIA component. 

The speakers Susanna Harutyunyan (Golden Apricot Film

Development Foundation), Martina Petrovic (Creative Europe Croatia,

MEDIA office), Ketevan Shengeliya (Creative Europe Georgia), 

Juliette Duret (BOZAR art center of Brussels) and discussion moderator

Seda Grigoryan (Creative Europe Armenia) presented the details of the

program and its opportunities for the Armenian filmmakers.

Although Armenia is not yet officially a member of this sub-program, the Armenian government has expressed a desire

to start the membership process, which was once again documented during the Parliamentary hearings on the legislative regulation of the film industry.

At the end of the discussion, Martina Petrovic presented the success stories of the program in Croatia and the perspectives for the films by Armenian cinematographers in case of co-production with the MEDIA-member countries.








































































































































































































































On the same day, the Ministry of Education, Culture, 

Science and Sport, together with the Creative European

Armenia Desk and the Golden Apricot Film Festival, held

a closed discussion on the MEDIA component of the

Creative Europe Program.

In the course of the meeting, the representatives of

Croatian and Georgian Creative Europe Desks conveyed

the experience of joining the MEDIA component of

their states, sharing the details and results of the

legislative initiatives undertaken in that direction.

Deputy Minister Ara Khzmalyan underlined that steps will be taken in the near future in order to study the

preconditions for joining the MEDIA component.