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Invitation for the Upcoming Meetings of International Female Writers Group

️Together we want to develop a warm online platform of international female writers to write, create, and share writings in English. We will delve into inspiring writing discussions together with international writers from different backgrounds.

We want to create a space where different perspectives are heard and respected. Whether you’re just developing your writing career or already have a certain establishment in the writing world- get in touch!

The reading groups will take place each first Monday of the month, 16:00 pm (4th of March).

Please share this invitation with others who are interested and let's build a vibrant and supportive community together.

We look forward to diving with you into the world of international female writers and growing together! You can register easily by email (

The group will take place within the framework of the project EPESEP: Equal Pay, Equal Show, which is funded by Creative Europe programme and  addresses the gender-based discrimination in the literary world and creates a plan of action to improve the position of female authors in the European Union. The project aims to establishing an international writing and networking group to promote transnational cooperation among writers and in the field to provide support and opportunities for female authors.

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