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Creative Europe Desk Armenia 

Creative Europe Desk Armenia functions with the support of the European Commission and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports of the Republic of Armenia. The Desk is coordinated by the “Yerevan Perspectives” International Music Festival

The activities of the Desk are aimed at contributing to the development of intercultural communication in the European cultural space, raising awareness in Armenia about the "Creative Europe" Programme and the open calls, capacity building of the cultural organizations, structures, and individuals, identifying the potential partners and much more. The office conducts information events, and workshops for potential beneficiaries of the Programme, and provides consultancy on the open calls, deadlines, application packages, and other details.


There is no need to mention the importance of the common cultural heritage of Europe and Armenia, the mutual influence and shared traditions. The activities of the Creative Europe Desk Armenia are targeted at the promotion and sustainability of the continuity of this collaboration and support newly joined cultural initiatives. This is what Creative Europe is about.

The Creative Europe Desk Armenia has no duties related to receiving and evaluating funding applications, selecting winning projects or awarding grants. All those actions are managed by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.  

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