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Funding Opportunities

The Culture Strand of the Creative Europe programme supports a wide range of cultural and creative sectors including among others architecture, cultural heritage, design, literature and publishing, music, performing arts.

The Culture Strand encourages cooperation and exchanges among cultural organisations and artists within Europe and beyond. 


Funding opportunities under the CULTURE strand:

  • European cooperation projects.

  • European platforms.

  • European networks.

  • Circulation of European literary works.

  • Culture Moves Europe: mobility for artists and professionals.

European Cooperation Projects

The Creative Europe programme supports transnational cooperation projects involving organisations in the cultural and creative sectors from different countries...

Circulation of European Literary Works

Creative Europe supports initiatives on translating and promoting European literary works. The aim is to widen the transnational circulation and diversity of European literary works by encouraging translation and promotion of books in lesser-used languages...

European Platforms

The programme provides financial support to European platforms that foster the mobility and visibility of creators and artists...

Culture Moves Europe: Mobility for Artists and Professionals

Culture Moves Europe provides mobility grants for artists and cultural professionals in all 40 creative Europe countries. It covers the sectors of architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, literary translation, music ...

European Networks

The Europe Union cofinances 37 pan-European Networks of culture and creative organisations, under the Creative Europe programme (2021-2027). These networks support cultural organisations and professionals...

Pan-European Cultural Entities

This new action of the Creative Europe programme aims to support cultural entities – such as orchestras – with a large geographical reach, whose aim is to offer training, professionalization and performance...

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